the missing groovy tutorial

what is it?

The Groovy Koans project is a collection of small exercises in the form of unit tests, designed to get Java developers up to speed on Groovy features and common idioms. It starts by teaching you basic Groovy building blocks, and gradually builds your knowledge towards metaprogramming, slurpers, and all the goodness Groovy has to offer.

get started

Each Koan is a broken unit test that needs fixing. Don't worry - every test is documented and linked to the resources you need. When you have completed all of your Koans, you should feel very comfortable with Groovy and should easily be able to continue your learning path with Grails and/or Gradle.

Groovy Koans v0.5

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release date: 2014/06/17
Okay - we've done enough talking. Let's start coding!


This project is still work in progress! I'd be happy to receive pull-requests, corrections, or suggestions...


credits and license

The Koan concept started way back in Zen practice. It was then adapted by the good folks of rubykoans.com and perfected by Neo4j. The Groovy Koans project is licensed under the WTFPL License.

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